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Montessori Trained Babysitters in Kakkanad, Cochin

Montessori Babysitters in Kakkanad, Cochin

Looking for a highly trained Montessori babysitter for your growing family in Kakkanad, Cochin?

At Saurabhs Babycare, our main priority is to provide you with the best standard of Montessori Professional Nannies. As a Leading Global babysitting Agency, we specialize in finding the highest-rated babysitter and provide a fully tailored service to meet your family’s every need. We take pride in having long-term relationships with our amazing clients and candidates alike, meeting even the highest expectations from VIPs, celebrities, and Royal families.

What to expect from your Montessori Nanny

Our Montessori babysitter in Cochin will have the most advanced Montessori Qualifications and top Childcare Certificates, including First Aid Training and Safeguarding, to guarantee the best care for your children. They will incorporate the Montessori principles into your household routine and communicate respectfully to the children giving feedback and support. Another fundamental task of a Montessori babysitter is to set up interactive and appealing activities to help the children learn while being involved in fun, practical day-to-day tasks like cooking.

If you’re looking for a stimulating yet safe environment for your children to grow in, where all their and your needs are met to the highest standards, you need a Montessori Babysitter.

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Our Specialties

  • Our No Screen Time Policy ensures uninterrupted engagement in brain development activities.
  • Saurabhs Babycare delivers online services and plans to establish branches across major cities, driven by the company’s success and investor funding.
  • With a diverse team including HR, office admin, personal secretaries, sales employees, call center staff, social media manager, content writer, graphic designer, and a digital marketing team, we are committed to solving parental challenges and maximizing employment opportunities. Saurabhs Babycare is dedicated to making India a better place to raise.


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    Our Montessori babysitters at Saurabhs Babycare hold advanced Montessori qualifications and top childcare certificates, including first aid training and safeguarding. We ensure they are highly trained to provide the best care for your children.

    Our Montessori babysitters integrate Montessori principles into your household routine, fostering a respectful and engaging environment for children. They use interactive and appealing activities to facilitate learning while involving children in practical tasks like cooking.

    Our Montessori babysitters are specially trained to prioritize the holistic development of children, focusing on hands-on learning experiences and respectful communication. They provide a stimulating yet safe environment for children to grow and thrive, meeting the highest standards of care.